Angel & Faith 10 #06 updated covers

Lost and Found, Part One

Publication on September 03, 2014

Buffy the Vampire Slayer HD remaster

Comparison of DVD (left) and Pivot’s HD broadcast (right).

The recently aired HD remaster suffers from many problems: heavy cropping, overuse of digital noise reduction, wrong colors… [more]

philnoto's sketches for Buffy (2011).


Many many many moons ago I found this Miss Kitty Fantastico Comic Set. I to this date think it is the cutest thing ever.Does anyone know who created this? I would love to know and give credit to this brilliant person! 

Mystery Solved, The creator is Scout from Thank you Drlloyd11 for helping us credit this :) 

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Derlis Santacruz’ pencils for Angel & Faith 10 #05: Old Habits.

Promos for Buffy season 6 premiere (2001).

Derlis Santacruz’ pencils for Spike: Into the Light.

Buffy fan art by Stephen Byrne (2014).

A Buffy comic based on the fictional sock puppet theatre that goes on inside my brain.

So what's going on with Anya? Is she out the comics now?

Since she suddenly appeared talking to Xander on the first issue of season 10, we don’t know if she’s permanent, but, as an unresolved question with yet sudden appearances, she is still on the comics.

You can see her compilation so far and a description of her situation here.

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i’mmmmmm probably just gonna talk about this once but like in a desperate grasp at some straws that don’t even look like straws, I’m reading giles as a kid as a trans narrative because he is clearly very frustrated with his body and I feel that frustration because I know just how stuck he is and I haven’t seen him really adjust to it yet but both of the times he got upset about it like when he’s yelling at angel about being “unrecognizable” and later with faith he’s literally screaming “but I am a man” with the bit about saville row clothes and Dostoyevsky both of those conversations felt vvvvvvery relatable ya feel


This is so important…

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