Buffy 10 #07 updated covers

I Wish, Part Two

Publication date: 17 september, 2014

Buffy 10 #10:

Publication date: December 24, 2014

With the responsibility of writing new rules in the Vampyr book, Buffy and crew are literally the bosses of all magic — but as more baddies learn who has the power, protecting the book is becoming a full-time job!

Writer: Christos Gage; Artist: Rebekah Isaacs; Colorist: Dan Jackson; Cover: Steve Morris; Variant cover: Rebekah Isaacs, Dan Jackson.

Angel & Faith 10 #09: Lost and Found, Part Four

Publication date: December 03, 2014

Clearly in a magical mire with Amy the Rat, Angel brings in backup to shut down the witch and save Magic Town… Faith is reunited with Riley in a brawl with the tribal vampires — staking, dusting, and feeling awkward!

Writer: Victor Gischler; Artist: Will Conrad; Colorist: Michelle Madsen. Cover: Scott Fischer; Variant cover: Will Conrad, Michelle Madsen.

I've been trying to find the classic comic, but i only find up tip issue 40. know where i can find the rest? cheers! :)

Hey! I’m not sure how many Buffy classics’ volumes there are, but on Buffyverse Brasil you can find the download for 49 of them!

Also, I've never been never been crazy about the gender politics of character death in BtVS. When Oz and Riley weren't working out, they got to escape Sunnydale and canonically start families afterwords, but Tara and Jenny Calender HAD to die. True, for story purposes, but how many non-villain males can you think of died over the course of the show in comparison to ladies.



Even fucking Warren Mears got to kick around for a few more years in the comics! WARREN. MEARS. Why can’t Joss imagine the off-screen, outer lives of female characters like they’re some tree in the woods that can’t have any experiences if he’s not there to write them????  (hint: it’s because he’s a mediocre feminist).

Plus: Renee. Her arc on season 8 Wolves at the Gate was the most explicit and mediocre woman in refrigerator case I’ve ever seem. Pure bullshit. The racist and later “honor” stuff from Dracula were the worst.

And I fear that they are bringing Warren back on Angel & Faith, without any reason, and bizarrely reducing such a potential interesting character as Amy Madison to him. Again.

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Buffy remastered on Pivot, soon Blu-ray



If you haven’t heard, Buffy has been airing lately on Pivot and Pivot HD using all-new remasterings from the original 16mm and [soon] 35mm film sources (this is not a DVD upscale!) with special effects redone and in 16:9 widescreen with the width expanded.

However, there are some controversies that we need your help to bring to light and put pressure on Fox to have this done right (see the Blu-ray forum for comparisons and discussion). Please contribute to the effort to get Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel: the Series presented in the best quality possible on the likely upcoming Blu-ray sets! Join the discussion!


Download the so-far aired and recorded episodes that are now available: http://tinyurl.com/lcc8oaj

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Giles gets knocked down

last night i accidentally made this piece of garbage and i can’t stop laughing

Keeping the tradition alive.

It’s interesting to consider Giles as the “mind” of the group and its own unconsciousness as the best way to try to defeat him. Just like Willow as the “spirit” versus grief, Xander as the “heart” versus hopelessness, and Buffy as the “hand” versus sacrifice.

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I read in an interview with Joss Whedon, that Buffy was genuinly in love with Spike by the end of the show. So what is your opinion on Buffy's imaginary kiss/sex with Spike in season 8? Was Buffy atleast interested in Spike? I mean, she didn't hesitate when she saw Angel.. But I guess that just means they'll put Buffy and Angel together at the end of everything. I had so high hopes after Angel fell in love with Cordelia, and with season 10 and all. *sigh* I hate shipping Spuffy sometimes.

I started laughing reading your question, everything is always so complicated. All I can do is try to explain my points of view of the specific situations mentioned, there’s no way I can say anything about love or what two people really feel about each other. And this exercise became harder considering that’s an analysis in which the only source are actions and speeches, that can be both meaningless as full of hidden feelings; but it’s the only way I can give you some objectivity. (And sorry for talking too much.)

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Wishverse Willow by Funko exclusive for Hot Topic.
Wishverse Willow by Funko exclusive for Hot Topic.

Season 10 on sales so far


Estimated comics sold to North American comics shops as reported by Diamond Comic Distributors (not counting online and conventions’ sales):


  • 75º. Buffy 10 #01 - 27,851


  • 114º. Buffy 10 #0221,804
  • 135º. Angel & Faith 10 #01 - 17,820


  • 118º. Buffy 10 #0320,556
  • 149º. Angel & Faith 10 #02 - 14,200


  • 115º. Buffy 10 #04 - 19,365
  • 153º. Angel & Faith 10 #03 - 13,029


  • (trade paperback titles) 25º. Spike: Into Light3,138
  • 157º. Buffy 10 #05 - 18,827
  • 190º. Angel & Faith 10 #04 - 12,468


  • 125º. Buffy 10 #0618,121
  • 166º. Angel & Faith 10 #05 - 11,957
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