Anonymous said: Do you know where I can read the new Spike comic Into the Light? Please and thank you!

Unfortunately, I don’t! Argh, I never found any torrent, the website from where I post season 10’s downloads is yet to share it, and my copy only arrives in middle August… And here I am drooling on the preview.



Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 → Volume 3 Wolves at the Gate


Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8  Volume 3 Wolves at the Gate

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Buffy Season 10 #05 Q&A with Christos Gage

Welcome back to the new season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer! We’re kicking off the conclusion of the first arc of this season with a brand spankin’ new Q&A with the writer of Buffy Season 10: Christos Gage!

restfield said: A week ago you asked for comicbook seasons' fanfic recs. If you still need them, I reblogged your post with a long-ish rec list. And I love your blog, you are the best thing that happened to buffy comics)

Hey, that’s a very interesting list, with a lot of different pairings! I’ll read them all and I hope soon I’ll have the recommendation list… And you are a sweetie, thank you so so much for helping me and for the kind words!


There are other lovelies sending a lot of help and attention to my request, thank you all! I intend to even credit the recommendations, ok? But I have a little delay on posting the results since I’m away from home these days and still have a few to read, sorry sorry!

And keep sending them, they are always needed!


Well, it’s not all bad. I’ve got you guys.


Well, it’s not all bad. I’ve got you guys.

supernatural-ish said: Do you know where I can read the BTVS comics online? I've read the first few but they're so expensive to buy. Thanks!

Hello! You can find everything I post about downloads on my tag download.

I am posting all issues from season 10 as soon as they are released, in cbr format. Seasons 8, 9 and before (Buffy classics, Angel, Spike, Fray, Tales…) you can easily find a torrent on Kickass, this nikii-the-slayerette's download page, and Buffyverse Brasil.

Any doubt, feel free to ask!


Anya compilation! - season 10 New Rules (#01-05) + #07 cover

Anya appearance is still a mystery. She’s called a ghost but has its differences from what Spike was: only Xander can see or talk to her, and they have no idea about why she is here. It’s something that Xander carries and keeps only to himself, not having told anyone about her and she performing like a conscience, pointing out his mistakes and what he should do  specially about his relationship with Dawn. Anya is always very angry and resentful, about their past and current situation

(updated with issue #05)

Buffy 10 #05 updated covers

New Rules, Part Five

Publication on July 23, 2014

WANTED: Seasons 8, 9 and 10 fanfics

- A calling for suggestions for fanfics based on the comics -

Any size, rate, pairing, kind; can conflict with subsequent stories, be little headcanons, simply contain one of the new characters or contexts… Not only because I’m in need for new readings, but I could share an ongoing list with recommendations, I think it would be interesting to maintain.

So, do you have any?

Amazing Buffy fan art, part five

25. Welcome to the Hellmouth . jenniferely

26. Lovers

27. Powder Room

28. Mocking an Angel

29. Illyria

30. Spike