Buffy classic #36: Jonathan (2001)

On Buffy 4x17 “Superstar”, among the various Jonathan related merchandising, three comic books appear on Xander’s basement that were later published by Dark Horse, wrote by the same episode writer Jane Espenson.


stop and stare, you start to wonder why you’re here not there, and you’d give anything to get what’s fair, but fair ain’t what you really need.  )

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Angel & Faith 10 #07 updated covers

Lost and Found, Part Two

Publication on October 01, 2014

LURK: A Fray fan film new still

Here’s a temporary visual effects shot of Mel looking out over Haddyn. [x]

LURK: A Fray fan film new still

Here’s a temporary visual effects shot of Mel looking out over Haddyn. [x]

Dawn, time and space

A character’s perspective is given and shown by its main/solo scenes, speeches and internal monologues. Therefore, its goals and opinions are presented and susceptible to empathy, as leaving the role of a victim and passivity front other’s plot.

Something that is becoming quite repetitive this season is the constant express of every character’s concern about Dawn’s “feelings reset”, but Dawn herself haven’t been shown talking or thinking about it after her revelation to Buffy and to Xander. She still doesn’t have a voice.

How many times we saw Dawn as a main character of her own conflicts? How many times she had an opportunity to act face her conflicts? Or she will be forever doomed to be overshadowed and saved?

On the comics, her main conflicts were the physical changes (an wasted metaphor for identity and growing up, if you ask me) by the thricewise’s curse (season 8) and the end of magic causing her slow reality disappearance (season 9). In both cases, she is shown not only helpless and in need of being saved by Buffy, but we don’t see her perspective. Her motives for cheating her college boyfriend, her jealousy for Buffy and longing for Willow were only pointed out by others, with off-screen resolution; on season 9, she was only shown being purple with a runny nose or unconscious.

She was generally only an object of worry, affection and motivation. Now, with her feelings’ reconstruction in progress, is such a great opportunity to show her perspective on everything on her life. But will be given to Dawn her time and space?

Did Joss Whedon think we'd essentially forgive Angel after BtVS S8? 

I don’t know what Joss Whedon’s plan was. He makes Cursed Angel be Twilight. In A&F S9, it turns out that AngelTwilight did worse and was even more evil than we thought – the whole Pearl and Nash thing –, and almost everyone in A&F S9 is as okay with Cursed Angel as he or she was in AtS s5 or better than he and she was in AtS s5.

Did Joss actually assume Cursed Angel’s being catatonic for months and then helping to resurrect Giles going was going to be enough for the audience to forgive Angel? Did Joss actually approve of how everyone in A&F S9 regarded Angel?

Moreover, Angel received less than zero punishment for what he did in BtVS S8. He’s actually rewarded. He got to live in Rupert Giles’ former house free, he got Faith as his ‘sidekick’, Connor loves him more than ever, Willow hugs Cursed Angel (something I don’t remember her ever doing), Drusilla tells him she’s happy he made her a vampire, Spike commends Angel for they way he was able to ‘move on’ from Buffy (given what Angel did in BtVS S8, that made no sense), Giles forgives Cursed Angel, and by the end of A&F S9, Angel thinks he still has a chance with Buffy.

[…] AngelTwilight’s actions resulted in 100s of Slayer deaths, many soldier deaths, there was the Vampy Cat thing, there was the blowing up of the Slayer headquarters thing, etc. What AngelTwilight did before glow-sexing SuperBuffy was more than enough to kill Angel. It is possible that no one but Twilight, Angel and Buffy know that AngelTwilight tried to keep SuperBuffy in Twilight and allow the world and all its life to be destroyed so that Buffy and Angel would be able to stay in Twilight together. I consider that Spike knows. Anyway, Buffy knows. Yet, Cursed Angel wasn’t killed in the Seed Chamber. Somehow, Faith is able to take Angel to London.

The only negative thing that happens to Angel is that Nadira and Co. wanted to kill him. Nadira ends up asking Cursed Angel for help. The actual consequences come to Faith as Nadira and Co. leave Faith. Nadira over in A&F S10 seems to want to be BFFs with Cursed Angel.


YAY MATURITY: a s10 s/b mix.  1 / we’re in this together - nine inch nails / 2 / do it - nelly furtado / 3 / many of horror - biffy clyro / 4 / indestructible (acoustic) - robyn / 5 / big distraction - no doubt / 6 / bows & arrows - kaiser chiefs / 7 / all over you - the spill canvas / 8 / i still dream about you - joan jett & the blackhearts / 9 / nothing like you and i - the perishers /

Buffy season 10 fashion show (New RulesI Wish)

It would be an easy answer considering the few editions so far, but Rebekah Isaacs is so lovely and detailed on her clothing choices that any of the outfits could honestly satisfy me. [click to see larger]

Buffy the Vampire Slayer series premiere.

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